Romcenter 4.0.1

Here is the first fix for 4.0. Not a lot of bugs, and most are fixed in this version :)
Requirement : .net framework 4, windows xp to windows 10
The 4.0 branch will be the last version compatible with windows XP (<3% of romcenter users are on xp).


See you in some weeks

I will take a break for holidays. Keep sending issues report.
There are not a lot of bugs for now, but a new fix version will be released in august.


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Romcenter 4.0.0

At last, after seven years of development, romcenter 4.0.0 is ready.
Romcenter 4 is a complete rewrite of romcenter 3.7 in c# language using microsoft visual studio.
Compared to previous 3.7 version, it provides same features with a new interface and an updated engine.


Romcenter 4 final release news

Hi all

The final release is a little bit delayed due to some unexpected bugs during latest test process.
I hope to get the version ready by the middle of june.
Stay tuned !

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Romcenter 4 rc4

New release candidate released.

You can report issues directly here. You can also vote for your favorites work items.

Note: the romcenter log file location is displayed in the log window at startup.


Development news

Hi all

Developments and fixes continue for romcenter 4 final release.
So far, I have improved stability and fix operation is also faster.
Some tricky bugs have been fixed as well.
Updating db to a new version is way faster by the use of a datapump tool instead of sql queries.


Summer break

After the last months hard work , I will take a small summer break.
Keep testing and reporting…
See you in 2 weeks.

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Romcenter 4 rc3

Romcenter 4 release candidate 3 is released. Donwload it for free.
I’m almost done with the v4 development.
This version adds internationalization. The base translation file is available for everyone to create their own translation.


Romcenter 4 release candidate 2 released

Romcenter 4.0 rc2 is out now.
I’ve made a lot of improvments in this version and long lasting problems have been fixed.
Database connection issues should be solved now. Import and operations speed are also back to normal.


Rc 1.2 fix online

Here is a quick fix for the “operating system directive CreateFile failed” and “The underlying provider failed on Open” errors.
Big thank to bslenul for debugging that.

Free download here

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