Hi all
So the beta4 takes longer than expected. :oops::toobad:
Some features about samples needs more development. I hope it will be ready for next weekend.



Some news on beta 4.
I’m still fixing bugs introduced by recent changes. Some tests failed and I’m working on them. It should be ok by the end of the week.


Beta 4 coming

Today, I almost finished to develop the sample files engine in romcenter. I did basic tests and it seems ok. I will now test with a full roms set and see how it goes.


New site online

Hello everybody.

Today I finished the new romcenter site design. It is now online. It is readable from all devices and a new bug tracker software is now available to record issues and ideas about romcenter 4.


Romcenter 4 beta 3 released

Hi all

Sorry for the lack of updates these days, but after my holidays (in Australia :D ), I was really busy IRL.


Romcenter 4 beta 2 released

Here it is: Romcenter 4 beta 2

Access denied when loading readonly folders
Use styles for gui colors and use new colors
Detail view not updated when selecting an empty folder
Fix filter (insensitive case, remove files path), imporve log msg, fix fileselector in update
Fix filters text (nbtotal still broken)
Fix gameroms view font size to big
Fix gameroms view not refreshing when selecting a game treenode
Fix moving folder across volumes
Rename load db menu
Revert to framework 4.0 to be runnable in XP (still broken, probably some dll missing.


Site fix


News on homepage are restored.
I’m still working on remaining problems…

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Forum back online

At last !
Due to massive spamming monday, the forum has been disabled. :twisted:

I removed more than 250 spams spread among the forums and now it’s back online.