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:?: My game does not work on [mame/neogeo/kawaks] emulator.
:arrow: Here are some starter/FAQ/help pages for common emulators:

- Mame / Mame 32 : http://www.mameworld.net/easyemu and http://www.dweasel.com/agmfaq/index.html
- Neogeo : http://www.hardworks.de/neogeo
- Kawaks : http://kawaks.retrogames.com/faq.htm

:?: Each time I do operations on my rom archive Romcenter keeps asking me to refresh list...
:arrow: RomCenter scans all your roms and compare their name, date and time with the matching datas in cache. It also counts the number of files in rom folders and compares with the cache.
If some differences is found, the current action is cancelled and a refresh is required.
Try to remove one by one your folders to locate which one produce the error, then check what is changing in this folder (new file added, hidden file, file deleted, time changed etc...)

:?: Is there a way to use Romcenter to make a smaller set of roms, like just the originals, not the extra versions?
:arrow: For now, the only way to do that is by creating a dat file with only the roms you want and then create a database in RomCenter using that dat file.
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