Errors or Features ??

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Errors or Features ??

Post by OhmegaStar » Mon Aug 07, 2006 12:07 pm


Using RomCenter 2.71 i find the following peculiar features (windows / mircosoft domain);

1) Cannot add networked Drives as ROMPATHS using the Browse graphical interface.
I Can add by just typing the drive and directory name in the dialog though.

2) Moving files off one of these networked drives to e.g. a local drive using the shell move files function. Allways hang at 100% moving the last file with a cancel button dialog.

3) having a large number of .zip files in any (combined) rompath(s) (e.g. 120000+ files) will crash the rebuild / fix games function with memory access errors - looks like a buffer overrun or similar.

Can these errors be fixed ?



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