ERROR "is not a valid integer value (?????)

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ERROR "is not a valid integer value (?????)

Post by chr0m » Thu Nov 09, 2006 2:13 pm

I'm using romcenter 2.71 but with some dat files i receive the following error message:

"is not a valid integer value

when i try to add some new rom path. If i rename the folder i want to add the problem disappears but if i load another dat i have again the same message with the folder i renamed.
I'll become clearer (I hope, please be patient but my english is very poor):

- i load FBA_XXX. dat, (Ok)
- i add some rom paths, (Ok)
- i try to add another rom path C:\...\neogeo.cps1.cps2-test,
- i receive the error message "is not a valid integer value :?:
- i find no roms in just added C:\...\neogeo.cps1.cps2-test in romcenter,
- close this rompath, i rename it in C:\...\ng.cps1.cps2-test,
- no error message and the roms were added.
- Now i load another dat file Mame.dat (which had no problems with rom path C:\...\neogeo.cps1.cps2-test),
- Error message ("is not a valid integer value) with renamed folder C:\...\ng.cps1.cps2-test :?: :?: :?:

Please may anyone help me? Thanks

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