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RomCenter 3.6.4 released

Posted: Sat Jul 14, 2012 9:44 am
by RomCenter
RomCenter 3.6.4 released !



What's new from 3.6.3
- Fix path not refreshed after changing 1G1R setting
- Fix compression level for archives

What's new from 3.6.2
- Fix crash when moving several samples
- Fix datafiles inconsistencies (missing one parent sample)
- Fix bad filename when repairing samples
- Fix missing clone bios
- Remove double db update

What's new from 3.6.1 :
- Fix multi files creation when fixing samples
- Fix memories leaks
- Fix empty files not removed from samples folder
- Fix nodump devices incorrect and duplicated
- Disable menus while updating db
- Fix sha1 not calculated if chd zipped
- Fix device roms not used anywhere (add device games)
- Fix error when loading compressed files >2GB
- Fix bad field name during db update
- Fix "multiple values" error in devices query
- Fix mess datafiles loading

What's new from 3.6.0 :
- Duplicated devices cause db error
- Uppercase crc not identified
- Devices lost when updating a db
- Removed roms are now sent to recycle bin as well
- Improve mame and derived version identification

:!: :!: WARNING: Due to changes in database structure, previous games database (<3.6.1) are not updatable. You must re-create databases and re-add roms folders.

:arrow: Download:
- Download romcenter 3.6.4: windows installer (preferred)
- Download romcenter 3.6.4: portable version (no installer)

:arrow: Translations:
- French
- Hungarian
- Japanese
- German
- Missing translation ? see here

:arrow: A quick start guide:
(see the wiki for a tutorial)