Starting over with MAME

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Starting over with MAME

Post by Floyd »

I have had my arcade running for many years and decided to clean it all up.
A LOT has changed!

Here is where I am.

I upgraded to MAME .189 and immediately found a lot of my games stopped working.
I have RomCenter and as always, went to Logiqx to get my DAT file.
Lo and behold, the last time that file was updated was 2010 and the forum is gone.

I built a datfile from Mame .189 and I am confused in regards to the problems I am having.

1. Green games aren't working
2. When Green games do work, when I go into MAME directly, they don't work anymore. (Both MAME and RomCenter are pointed to the same ROM directory)
3. When I click "Fix Game" on yellow games that were working, they no longer work.

For the most part, RomCenter is breaking my games.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Starting over with MAME

Post by Wanderer »

Hi there.

RC3 development has stopped for quite some time now. RC4 is in Release Candidate state. It's still strongly suggested to keep a backup of your roms before fixing anything with it, but it seems that there are no major glitches so it should be relatively safe. I would suggest you try playing with it instead of RC3. Backup your roms and go with that.

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Re: Starting over with MAME

Post by Metalslug »

I play MAME games for a long time and I don't have any problems with the Romcenter and how to sort the rom's by the alphabet or to sort them for the rating a gave them is that possible?