Merged roms possible solution

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Merged roms possible solution

Post by A.Bogard »

Hi Eric!

This feedback will help when users do merged romset fusion. A user had that problem and I'd like to present it to you.

Ussually we find the classical add:


xxx (12345678)
xxx (90abcdef)

It means that RC wil read only the first one or even to DELETE the file - in my oppinion I DON'T WANT IT!

A boring solution that I've done for months is to rename files whose have that problem. IE: Neogeo games:

217-p1.bin (5a5s8e1b)
217-p1.bin (78aab741)

The first one os ok, but the other is needed because IS MERGED, SO I RENAME IT:

217-p1.bin (5a5s8e1b)
217--p1.bin (78aab741)

And holy solution. Even if RC says that the romfile is wrong, it must read it properly due to CRC and SHA id number.

Could your RC read the CRC and rename files IF NECCESARY IN MERGED ROMSETS? It works for me, even if the games are marked in yellow and the file says "wrong name". If I fix it... the rom goes to red instead to green.

See you!

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Re: Merged roms possible solution

Post by RomCenter »

Take the freeze (atari) game (mame 0.123)

It has a main game (freezeat), and 6 clones.
In merge mode, you should have only freezeat with all clones roms included.

But look in the clones:
- fish_gr0.07-00 06559831
- fish_gr0.07-00 3aa389d8
- fish_gr0.07-00 7ba4cb0b
- fish_gr0.07-00 3fca32a3

Crazy :?

Of course you can't have all fish_gr0.07-00 in
RomCenter detects the problem and leave these roms in their clones file, even in merge mode.

After the fix in merge mode, you will have
- all mergeable roms
- fish_gr0.07-00 06559831
- fish_gr0.07-00 3aa389d8
- fish_gr0.07-00 7ba4cb0b
- fish_gr0.07-00 3fca32a3

The rom filename is the correct one, and mame will always find them because they are in a 'correct' clone zip.
Eric - RomCenter developer
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