IMPORTANT: Bug reporting instructions

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IMPORTANT: Bug reporting instructions

Post by Wanderer » Sun May 18, 2008 11:44 am

When reporting a bug, please follow these guidelines in order to make bug-handling more effective.

- State the Romcenter version and the operating system you are using.
- Report only one bug per thread. Posts concerning confirmed bugs will be moved by a board administrator/moderator in the "Confirmed bugs" forum and the discussion will be continued there.
- If a bug is reproducible, please describe the procedure you followed in order to reproduce it.
- Provide screenshots or logs if you feel they may be helpful and remember to keep their size to a minimum.
- Avoid using BMP, TIFF and other big-sized image formats in attachments. Prefer JPG or PNG which in general produce images of smaller size. Also, reduce the image size and colors to a minimum before posting it.
- Compress large non-image attachments with a commonly used format (zip / rar / 7z).
- Avoid attaching executables unless explicitly asked by a board administrator/moderator.
- Wanderer -

For Romcenter bug reporting or enhancement requests, click here.

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