Romcenter 3.00 release candidate 2 released

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Romcenter 3.00 release candidate 2 released

Post by RomCenter » Sun May 25, 2008 9:32 am

Final version available !

Here is the release candidate 2 of romcenter 3. :clap:
This is almost the finale version, minus language files and doc.

:arrow: Bugs fixed:
- Missing some sql functions
- Crash when double click on empty right view
- 'loading database...' displayed at startup when no database to load
- Default path on files/new not in romcenter/datas folder
- Different font in some items in preferences window
- database name not changed after a 'database ubdate'
- Empty folder flagged 'ok'
- Missing fix actions in 'advanced' sub menus
- 'refresh all menu' diabled
- 'illegal access' sometimes when removing a rom
- 'Advanced/Remove files' does not work
- in preferences, sample folder selector enabled even if merge is checked
- Some paths actions still enabled when no romspaths are loaded
- 'maximize' not full screen on restore (tried a fix, but not tested)
- Display not refreshed after deleting empty folders
- Hourglass missing when cleaning db
- 'Del' shortcut operate as shell delete when editing the searchbox
- Can't close 'about', 'statistics' and 'dat wizard' forms with 'Esc'
- 2 columns headers captions are wrong (bad name & uppercase)
- Db clones samples status not updated after removing a sample file
- Web page info does not work
- French translation fix

:arrow: Features added:
- Clean udf and intl install folder
- Scroll bar and mouse wheel in log windows
- 'Save log' button
- Log roms count before and after fix
- Add 'total items' info in status bar
- Shell 'move' files
- Pop menus disabled depending of items in db (dummies, bios...)
- 'Open data folder' menu
- Cleaned temp files after 'clean db' and 'update db'
- Replace 'S' with an icon in the 1st column of roms list header.
- 'Open backup folder' menu
- menu link to discussion forum
- menu link to donation page
- remember dat and emul path when creating/updating a db
- 'Statistics' added in menu

Reports bugs and comments in the dev forum.

:arrow: Windows installer version :
- unzip in a directory
- run rc300rc1.exe
You can install this version over the previous one.

:arrow: No installer version :
- unzip in a directory

Eric - RomCenter developer

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Re: Romcenter 3.00 release candidate 2 released

Post by cibomatto2002 » Sun May 25, 2008 7:41 pm

This is the best Rom manager there is its so easy even a cave man can use it :lol:
keep up the good work. !!

I'm glad to see the move files to is back.

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Re: Romcenter 3.00 release candidate 2 released

Post by Wanderer » Sun May 25, 2008 11:04 pm

Great. Something new to play with... :) Thanks Eric.

A small thing i noticed: i downloaded the no-installer version and unzipped it to a folder. When i first run it, it complains it cant find CPS-1...rdt in D:\...\datas. Someone forgot to delete cps-1<blah>.rdt and clear the path before adding the ini to the zip... :roll: ;)
- Wanderer -

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Re: Romcenter 3.00 release candidate 2 released

Post by niaoren » Mon Jun 02, 2008 7:20 am

good work. :super:
i strongly hope that romcenter add 7z format support, it must be the most exciting thing! :twisted:

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Re: Romcenter 3.00 release candidate 2 released

Post by sallyxi » Wed Jun 04, 2008 4:22 pm

Thanks very much for your sharing,highly appreciated. :lol:

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