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[4.0 b3] Performance degradation after multiple operations

Posted: Wed Sep 09, 2015 10:39 pm
by Wanderer
This post here just aims to show how performance is degraded when playing around with stuff (add / remove / re-add paths). Something to have in mind for future optimizations.

Mame 0.163 scenario follows. All steps are executed consecutively without closing /reopening RC at any step. OS is Win7SP1 on an i7 laptop with 6GB RAM.

- Create DB. Creation process ends normally.
- Add rom path *X*. At some point, addition fails as described in this thread. Time passed so far: ~5 minutes.
- Refresh button is hit. the rest of the files that had not been previously loaded are now loaded and added into the list. Additional time: ~10 minutes (~15 total for both steps).
- Path is removed (takes about 1 minute).
- Database is cleaned-up, just to make sure no garbage are left behind and that DB is compacted, so no performance degradation can occur due to DB file messed-up.
- After the previous step finishes, path *X* is added again. This time the process is completed in one step, without any crashes, however it takes ~30 minutes to be completed. :uh: