Need help regarding organizing my GBA ROMset

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Need help regarding organizing my GBA ROMset

Post by LnZi »

Hello everyone, I just recently got back into the world of legacy console gaming, and finally took the time to properly learn about No-Intro, ReDump and their work. Amongst other things, I recently found an old ROMset of GBA games that, supposedly, contains a full No-Intro set of all games released for the GBA. However, with tools such as Romcenter being available for everyone to use, I wanted to verify the set to add the purpose of preservation to it.

In simple terms: I want to use a .dat file that I have from No-Intro (GBA Parent-Clone, I believe it's the right one), and this software (Romcenter 4.0.1), to do a full hash check on my ROMset, and also organize it into what I believe is the Parent-Clone method (having one variation of a game as the Parent, and all other different languages or regions being the Clones).

My questions are:

Is my idea of Parent/Clone right? Can someone enlighten me further, if there's more that I need to know?

Can someone walk me through on how to do it? I tried following several tutorials and videos online, but they either are not close to what I want (usually talking about patching/fixing games, unrelated) or just mention buttons or actions not available in the current version of Romcenter.

Thank you for reading through this, and I appreciate any answers to my questions!