Can I zip/7z files in Romcenter?

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Can I zip/7z files in Romcenter?

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I have a folder full of single MAME ROM files. Romcenter recognizes them and tells me the expected file name. Is there a way to mark all files and create a zip/7z file directly in RC?

Currently I have to mark them all, move them to a new folder with the ROM's name, switch to Explorer, create a zip file, move it into another folder and delete that ROM folder... quite a hassle.

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Re: Can I zip/7z files in Romcenter?

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Hi there.

What happens if you select that folder and "fix" it? Won't RC put everything in its own zip file?

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Re: Can I zip/7z files in Romcenter?

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Ive had similar issues, i used to create a text file with the ZIP file names of every missing game, create an empty zip file then add those to RC before it would fill them with most of the ROM it required, allowing me to know what was missing.

Ive had it not create zip files for stuff i think it should of done (i have a whole spreadsheet with formulas to create the BATCH file to then copy a zip file with the correct name as RC doesnt seem to do it.
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