RomCenter 3.59 released

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RomCenter 3.59 released

Post by RomCenter » Sat Mar 24, 2012 8:34 am

Hi all

One more v3 release. This version is an update to follow mame 0.145 new 'features' : chd v5 and new samples syntax. I fixed some bugs as well.
Note that datutil has been improved by Bary Harris to support mame xml updates. :super:

Of course, you can still report troubles and I will fix it if needed.
And if you don't mind, a small donation while you're downloading the new version is welcome (link on download page).

I also updated included datafiles. And as Logiqx home page hasn't be updated since november 2010, I have updated his datafiles to match mame 0.145 datas (cps1, cps2). I added cps3 and neogeo as well. :P

Details and download here

About the future, I'm working on rc 3.60 to include devices and 7zip support (now included in mame).
Devices are not correctly handled in current release (as in previous), the device files are part of the dat, but they are not linked to the games using them. So you may have some set appearing green, but not working due to a missing device.
Note that there are no risk to loose devices files by using this version (or 3.58 as well).

RomCenter 4.0 is currently on hold. I will be back on it as soon as possible.
Eric - RomCenter developer

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