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Romcenter 4 beta 9 released

Posted: Fri Dec 09, 2016 8:40 pm
by RomCenter
Here is the 9th beta of romcenter 4. I added the following missing features:
  • 'Update database': this is to be used when a new version of a datafile or an emulator is released. You can update the database without re uploading all your roms folders.
  • The import 'filter' feature is now available for datafile (in addition to emulators). Now that importing from a dat or an emulator has the same layout, I merged both menus into one.
  • Main window location and files dialog folders are saved.
  • When importing from an emulator, the path to emulator.exe is automatically set to be used when launching a game.
See below for other improvments and bug fixes.

Beta 8 has been downloaded 6000 times. This is huge for a beta version and I would like to thank you for using romcenter.
Release candidate is approaching and I will release it as soon as all features will be added.
As you saw in the previous news, I set up an account on bitbucket, and opened the issue tracker to public. Now you can report issues or improvments directly here. You can also vote for your favorites work item.

Although this version is stable, this is still a beta version. Be carefull with your files.

Feel free to visit me in the forum and ask questions.

RomCenter 4.0.0.beta 9
  • new: When creating a db from an exe, set 'Emulator exe' used to run game
  • new: Save all dialogs initials paths
  • new: Save windows size and location
  • new: Clean backstage content when opening menu instead of closing
  • new: 'Update database' feature.
  • new: updated 'start' icon on 'update db' and create db' dialog
  • new: Unified filter dialog
  • new: Save filter settings in db
  • new: Merge 'create from dat' and 'create from exe' menu.
  • new: yellow flags for bios
  • new: Change 'backstage' and 'filter' dialogs colors
  • new: Confirmation dialog on 'clean up db'
  • new: warn if log file is readonly at startup.
  • new: workitem #2: Convert rom size in KB/MB/GB
  • new: Handle Miss/Have file exceptions
  • Fix: Some dialog boxes still hidden behind main window
  • Fix: 'Clean up' operation doing nothing
  • Fix: Random deadlock when renaming files
  • Fix: Random deadlock when removing roms
  • Fix: Destination of moved roms and bios not always the best
  • Fix: Empty tab sometimes created
  • Fix: Log file not always written (access denied)
  • Fix: Miss/Have file not always written (access denied)
  • Fix: Issue 14: shell batch not working with unicode char.
  • Fix: Issue 15: Random 'null reference' exception when removing roms.
  • Fix: update conflict when removing roms
  • Fix: Empty sub folders not always removed
  • Fix: general exception handler
  • Code clean up
Note: the romcenter log file location is displayed in the log window at startup.

Download here

Have a look at the quick start tutorial video on how to start fixing roms with romcenter.



Re: Romcenter 4 beta 9 released

Posted: Fri Dec 09, 2016 9:26 pm
by Wanderer
RomCenter wrote:Here is the 9th beta of romcenter 4.
Hi Eric. Thanks for it. Downloading...
RomCenter wrote:Beta 8 has been downloaded 6000 times.
:!: Wow. Nice stat, thanks for sharing. Indeed a huge number.

Re: Romcenter 4 beta 9 released

Posted: Thu Dec 15, 2016 4:50 pm
by rgpires
Out of curiosity, will the final version of romcenter be compatible with the dats from

Re: Romcenter 4 beta 9 released

Posted: Fri Dec 23, 2016 9:56 am
by RomCenter
Could you report one dat which is not working in the issue tracker ?