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Site related news

Post by RomCenter » Sun Jan 06, 2008 10:25 am

Hi all
During these holidays, I decided to spend some time on the site. I updated the forum to the brand new version 3.0 and build a romcenter theme for it. Some usefull features have been added like the possibilty to upload pictures or files to the site directly from the forum.

I added a new rss/atom feed system. Two feeds are now available, each in rss2 and atom:
:arrow: Announcement feed: Imagerss, Imageatom: feeds only news infos.
:arrow: Discussion feed: Imagerss,Imageatom: feeds news and all topics.

If you have some questions or remarks on the new forum, let me know in the other topics forum.

Happy new year, bonne année.

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