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Romcenter 4.0.1

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Here is the first fix for 4.0. Not a lot of bugs, and most are fixed in this version :)
Requirement : .net framework 4, windows xp to windows 10
The 4.0 branch will be the last version compatible with windows XP (<3% of romcenter users are on xp).
4.1 branch will use a modern framework (4.6 or 4.7) which will allow powerfull language features. Also, I'm testing a 64 bit version, which hopefully will solve memory problems.

As usual, you can report issues directly here. You can also vote for your favorites work items.

Note: in case of bug, please join the romcenter log file C:\ProgramData\romcenter\romcenter_xml.log
Feel free to visit the forum if you need help.


RomCenter 4.0.1

What's new in 4.0.1:
  • Add support for samples with extension in datafile
  • Add new arcade datafiles: itech32, namco s12, nmk16, seta 1, sony zn1/2
  • Update arcade datafiles to 0.213
  • Fix progress bar when filtering games
  • Fix missing rom in provided arcade datafiles
  • Fix error message during dat import when temp path is not found
  • Fix greyed 'ok' button in backup path option
  • Fix backup mode hint not updated in status bar
  • Fix and improve 'delete' tool with unique rom
  • Fix rom view empty after fixing (merging) a file
  • Fix a crash when loading dat with nodump device rom
  • Fix 'delete' operation of unique rom
  • Fix 'cancel' button not working when moving/copying files
  • Fix double extension samples files
  • Fix file wrongly identified as sample in merge mode
  • Fix items not found error
  • Fix bug with unique names
  • Fix wrong merged flag for clone bios
  • Fix wrong rom cases
  • Fix slow start when removing rom
  • Fix stack overflow when leaving rc
  • Fix status bar empty after loading db
  • Fix possible null reference at startup
  • Fix unzipped roms dump status sometimes wrong
  • Fix rom view sometime empty after a fix
  • Force sample extension to lowercase in 'database' case mode
  • Smooth grids navigation with keyboard
  • Update external components
:arrow: Download windows installer version
:arrow: Download portable (no install) version

Have a look at the quick start tutorial video on how to start fixing roms with romcenter.

:arrow: Following high quality systems datafiles (built from mame) are included in this release:

capcom cps-1 v0.213
capcom cps-2 v0.213
capcom cps-3 v0.213
cave pgm v0.213
irem m-72 v0.213
irem m-92 v0.213
itech32 v0.213
konami system573 v0.213
mitchell v0.213
namco s1 v0.213
namco s12 v0.213
namco s2 v0.213
nmk 16 v0.213
sega model 1 v0.213
sega model 2 v0.213
sega model 3 v0.213
sega naomi v0.213
sega stv v0.213
sega system 1 v0.213
sega system 16 v0.213
sega system 18 v0.213
sega system 24 v0.213
sega system 32 v0.213
sega system c-2 v0.213
seta1 v0.213
snk neogeo v0.213
sony zn1 zn2 v0.213
taito f2 v0.213
taito f3 v0.213
toaplan v0.213
triforce v0.213
williams v0.213

Eric - RomCenter developer
Report bugs here.
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