Version 3.00 alpha 3 released

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Version 3.00 alpha 3 released

Post by RomCenter » Fri Mar 02, 2007 3:54 pm

Version 3.00 alpha 3 released

This is a test only version and should not be used on real files, nor be widely distributed.
Backup your files before using it.

This release fixes a lot of bugs, new (or old) features will be added as soon as some stability will be reached.
The database structure changed, you can' t use the alpha 1 bin files, so you must create new one.

:arrow: Bugs fixed:
- Tree node display bug
- Duplicate detection
- bug in 'remove rom': fixes the 8ballact set
- fix empty files not always removed
- fix a bug in file identification
- clean filter proc

:arrow: Added:
- 'Ghost games' created in the fix process (Fix the missing files in complete set)
- games filters
- color background for roms, merged, bios, disks and samples
- display database statistics in status bar
- display selected path statistics in listview status bar
- Optimize file deletion
- Move log windows to the bottom
- Added horizontal scrollbar to log window

:arrow: Download:
- RomCenter 3.00a3 (3.8 MB)

Reports bugs and comments in this forum please.

How to install it:
- unzip in a directory
- run romcenter.exe
- select files/new...
- follow the wizard to create the database
- wait for creation (quite long, count 15 min for a mame 0.111)
- Add rom path
- check, fix etc...

Of course, I can't imagine all possible configurations for testing. To do an effective job, please follow the next steps to repair your roms:
If possible, use mame 0.112 dat.
0 -Backup you folder (so that you can run the test again to confirm)
1 -Add your folder in rc3
2 -Select the folder and do a refresh : no files should be added or deleted. If not, save the log.
3 -Select the folder and run a fix
4 -When finished, save the log
5 -Use the filters to display only yellow flags: nothing should be displayed.
6 -Reset the filters
7 -Select the folder and do a refresh: no files should be added or deleted. If not, save the log.
8 -Select the folder and run a second fix : nothing should be fixed. If not, save the log.

If anything doesn't run as it does, post a message in the dev forum (and keep your logs in safe place).
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Post by posix » Sat Mar 03, 2007 11:57 pm

nice :super:
thanks for this release.

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