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Romcenter future

Hi all, happy new year to all.

Finally I decided to put my other project on hold and restore the current state of romcenter to release a new version.

Version 4.2.0 will be finished and released, which will be a 32b/64b version, the latest in .NET 4.0 (Windows XP).


Romcenter 4.1.0

Romcenter 4.1.0 is ready.
Requirement : .net framework 4, windows xp to windows 10

As usual, you can report issues directly here. You can also vote for your favorites work items.

Note: in case of bug, please join the romcenter log file C:ProgramDataromcenterromcenter_xml.log
Feel free to visit the forum if you need help.


Still some issues

I said it was all fixed, but I still found some problems in the interface. This is now fixed.
What remains to be done is:

  • include the basic command line binary I started
  • compile all changes made from previous version
  • prepare zip and msi version
  • release

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All fixed

Gui is now fixed. Following several requests, I also added ‘folder’ in preferred choice list for storing new rom.

I wil now prepare the build 4.1.

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