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How to translate romcenter to your language ?

First, check in romcenter if your transation is not yet available.


Romcenter strings are stored in a resource file located in romcenter\resx folder. You can edit existing files or create a new one by copying an romcenter.resx and adding your language code.

Translating strings

With a text editor With a resource editor: There are several free resx editors. I recommend using the standalone version of ( It can do an automatic pre-translation using google translate. Other tool: Zeta Resource Editor

Compiling new translation resources

Once the translation is done, you must compile the resx file to a satellite assembly for romcenter to use it.

    .resx -> .resources -> .dll

To compile resx file, resgen.exe and al.exe are used (provided in romcenter Resx folder). Commands to generate a satellite assembly (.dll) from a string resource file (.resx):

(Replace the XX by your language code (see here:

resgen.exe /useSourcePath /compile romcenter.XX.resx,RomCenter.Localization.Resx.romcenter.XX.resources
al.exe /culture:XX /out:RomCenter.Localization.resources.dll /platform:AnyCPU /template:..\RomCenter.Localization.dll /embed:RomCenter.Localization.Resx.romcenter.XX.resources

This will generate the assembly RomCenter.Localization.dll

Testing translation

Copy this file into romcenter\XX\
Run romcenter
Go into File/options and change language.      

Help and support:

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