Some news

Hi all

Long time no news. Sorry for that.
I’m still working almost every days on romcenter. The development is mostly refactoring. It will produce better code, more maintainable, testable and robust. I already added more than 50 automated tests.


Romcenter 4 beta 10.1 released


Version 10.1 is a hotfix for version 10. It fixes the update dialog still showing after the update.

What’s new

  • You can now select the regions you want to keep before importing a dat (USA, EUR, JAP.


Happy new year

I wish you a happy new year.

2017 will be the year of romcenter 4 :D
I switched from svn to git and I’m now doing some refactoring on startup and shutdown process.


Romcenter 4 beta 9 released

Here is the 9th beta of romcenter 4. I added the following missing features:

  • ‘Update database’: this is to be used when a new version of a datafile or an emulator is released.


Beta 9 wip

Hi all
Some news on what’s going on:
I added some of the latest missing features, and start fixing some bugs (none reported for beta 8 so far :) ).


Beta 8 wip 2

Yesterday, I created a new automated test which extract a datafile from an emulator, import it and then close it. It scans a folder and do the job for all emulators found.


beta 8 wip

Hi all
‘play game’ feature is finished, the interesting part of the process is the audit of the game to run and in case something is wrong with the rom, a message tells you what’s wrong and how to fix it (for example with file to download to make it work).


Next beta version

Hi all

Some news on what’s going on in beta 8 version.
I’m mostly working on the ‘launch game’ feature. It’s quite tricky to get it working but it’s almost done.

You can click the ‘play’ button when you select a game in the database or directly a file in a rom path.


New captcha

Due to regular spamming, I installed a new captcha for registering and Anonymous posting.

I got a lot of mails delivery errors that seems to be sent from the forum.
Did some of you get spam through forum private mails ?

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