Rc 1.2 fix online

Here is a quick fix for the “operating system directive CreateFile failed” and “The underlying provider failed on Open” errors.
Big thank to bslenul for debugging that.

Free download here

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Romcenter 4 release candidate 1 released

Hello everybody and thank you for using romcenter.

Here is the first release candidate for romcenter 4.0
It means the 4.0 features list is closed and I won’t add more in this version.
Download, use this version and report bugs.


RC 4 soon

Just a note to inform you that the release candidate is ready for publishing.
Stay tuned !

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Back to work

I’m back from holidays.
I will fix some recent bugs and prepare the Release Candidate :D

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Romcenter 4 beta 11 released

Here is the beta 11 of romcenter 4. This is probably the last beta version. Next one will be a ‘release candidate’.
Thank you for using romcenter.

Although this version is stable, this is still a beta version.


Some news

Hi all

Long time no news. Sorry for that.
I’m still working almost every days on romcenter. The development is mostly refactoring. It will produce better code, more maintainable, testable and robust. I already added more than 50 automated tests.


Romcenter 4 beta 10.1 released


Version 10.1 is a hotfix for version 10. It fixes the update dialog still showing after the update.

What’s new

  • You can now select the regions you want to keep before importing a dat (USA, EUR, JAP.


Happy new year

I wish you a happy new year.

2017 will be the year of romcenter 4 :D
I switched from svn to git and I’m now doing some refactoring on startup and shutdown process.